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What They Say

These are some recommendations and comments I have received from coworkers or people in the broadcasting industry:

Mike Mahnke – Public Address Announcer, Wisconsin Badgers
“There are so many talented and experienced announcers in this organization and one whose work I admire has been a longtime member. Don Wadewitz is one of the hardest working announcing professionals I know, handling both P.A. and play-by-play duties for virtually every sport at every level.” – The Voice newsletter, June 2014


Brian Anderson – Television Broadcaster, Milwaukee Brewers
“Don, you do a clean, professional broadcast. Most importantly, you sound like you are having fun and your passion is discernable. Always remember that you are in the ‘service’ industry. Be proud of the great service you provide to fans of those teams.”


Chris Tessman – Line Coach, Wisconsin Wolfpack
“Simply put, Don’s skills and abilities were the lifeblood of the Wolfpack. Working with a limited budget, limited time, and in an often behind-the-scenes role, Don almost single-handedly made the organization run. He was solely responsible for creating and maintaining the CIFL’s most visited website, maximizing the usage of social networking (including Facebook and Twitter) not only for promotional purposes, but also for disseminating team information on a level unseen within the rest of our league.”