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Don Wadewitz on the Racine & Me Television Show

Don on the Racine & Me television show in 2008.

In my 16 years of doing sports play-by-play, I’ve come to believe that there are four “P’s” to a successful sports play-by-play broadcaster.


I represent the teams and radio stations that I work for in a positive way in the community. The way I carry myself helps build stronger relationships between the organization and fans, sponsors, and the community. I also offer assistance to other broadcasters and try to inspire them to challenge themselves.


Preparation is the key to a great broadcast. My current and previous supervisors and broadcast partners will tell you that they haven’t seen anyone who shows up to a broadcast more prepared. I treat each game I broadcast the same, whether it’s a regular season high school game or a league championship game.


My passion is evident in how I prepare for a broadcast. This comes through in all my broadcasts, whether at the high school, collegiate, adult amateur, or professional level. The challenge of painting the best picture for the listener and helping them connect with the game is addicting for me.


My personality comes through in my broadcasts as I engage and entertain the audience. I’m easily approachable and love to interact with folks, whether on the radio, Internet, or in person.